Discord Luje Root Page

Welcome to the Discord Luje root page. This is just a generic page for some discord related tools

Xandium Visual Editor

XVE is a visual scripting language designed for discord bot making. Intended to be in collaberation with Sharon on another project when completed.
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Discord Avatars

Here is the current implementation of 'current avatar'
This endpoint will send a redirect header to the users current avatar. For most purposes, this just works and is the easiest to implement.

This endpoint will return the image directly, as if the endpoint was a image itself. This is inefficent for the machine, limited by cloudflare caching and may not always work as expected for some CDN such as Discords.

This will return a text/plain content header with the URL endpoint to the users current avatar as the body. Use this if you don't wish for the browser to have to deal with redirects and just want the URL for later use.

File Type
Discord acts weird with its CDN. It sometimes works and sometimes doesn't work if there is no file extension at the end of a url. All these endpoints allow for .png, .gif, .jpg and .jpeg to be appended at the end. It will return the correct type (except for .gif which are special cases) of image.

Image Size
The normal Discord avatar endpoints support the ?size query parameter. The endpoints listed above support this feature exactly the same as discord. It will append any size given to the end of the url.

This tool uses a redis database for caching. It will store data for a maxium of 15 minutes.

example image

Blacklisting & Data
If you wish for your API to be blacklisted, contact me ( Lachee#0784 ) on the Discord API server. I will be able to add your user ID to the blacklist so all results for you are returned as the image below and your data never even touches the cache.
If you want to download what data I store about you, please contact me ( Lachee#0784 ) and I can send it your way. For the Discord Avatar, I am currently only storing as follows:
ID, Discrim, Avatar Hash, Hit Count

blacklist image